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    Il freno posteriore non è compatibile con la nuova SUPREME DH V5 che necessita di un cavo da 2000 mm.

    With this new XT model, SHIMANO have completely reworked the construction of the brake. Although at first glance the difference is subtle, look closer and you will see a new clamp system on the handlebars, bringing a bringing more stiffness. As on the previous model, youÍll find the settings to regulate things how you want them. The caliper has also undergone a complete overhaul, based on the higher-end XTR model. Now, this model is based on a technology that has already proven itself, all with significant improvements.

    • 4-piston ceramic construction
    • Servowave Technology for Better Custody Management
    • Resin pads = more durable
    • Mineral Oil
    • Length of hose uncut = 170cm
    • Weight: 401g

      Freni venduti senza dischi.

      La pinza del freno viene fornita con le pastiglie già montate di serie. Se volete ulteriori pastiglie di ricambio, potete acquistarle QUI