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    There are two different kind of people: those who can win a MEGAVALANCHE or an Enduro World Series, and the others ! Whoever you are, it is important to stay humble. You donÍt want to look like an advertising sign.

    So letÍs bet on black color, a COMMENCAL META logo, and a touch of pink.

    LetÍs go riding!

    And why is this jersey technically good?

    Raglan cut for the sleeves, so you have no sewing under the armpits.

    High quality finish, 320 grams: guaranteed resistance, no fiber distortion, your mum can leave you alone now.

    70% cotton, 30% polyester, helps the shining and clean appearance of the fabric.

    Scratched inner side, to be softer and more comfy than a regular one.

    No tag in the back.

    Limited edition